Airfield Lighting

Honeywell offers a broad spectrum of all necessary airfield lighting equipment as e.g. constant current regulators, elevated and inset lights for all applications, precision approach path indicators, approach sequence flashing system, traffic guidance signs, and installation material

 All Honeywell equipment complies with the international standards (ICAO, FAA).

Single Lamp Control and Monitoring System (SLCM)

Honeywell’s SLCM provides following advantages

  • Communication with Addressable Switch Devices (ASD) via the airfield lighting series cable (no additional communication cable required)
  • Optimized communication for short response times (< 1.5 sec)
  • ASD is designed to control and monitor up to two lamps, i.e. even a two lamps light fitting can be controlled and monitored with one single ASD unit                                    
  • Information about failed lamps with indication of lamp localization
  • Identification of adjacent lamp failures
  • More than 100,000 ASDs are installed and operational at airports world-wide

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