Video Surveillance & Assessment

Honeywell has the broadest, most robust selection of digital video solutions. Our advanced digital matrix switching systems are the worlds most powerful, and can support up to thousands of cameras. And our high performance cameras can function in even the most hostile conditions. We have cameras with IR illumination for seeing in total darkness, wide dynamic range cameras that can provide amazing detail in the most severe high contrast situations and even explosion-proof domes for volatile and gaseous industrial environments.

The key to a successful video system is being able to manage and filter through the vast amounts of video information that is captured continuously. Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM) enables control of all systems from a single workstation and fully integrates with access control and otherintrusion systems.

Digital Video Manager & Video Analytics

Honeywell’s Digital Video Manager (DVM) is a scalable, enterprise class IP-based digital video system. Digital video over IP networks has many advantages to traditional analog CCTV systems. This includes advantages to both end-users and installers. For end-users, customers are able to access relevant video and events instantly, manage the digital system, and integrate access or building control from geographically disperse locations. For installers, standard IT hardware and TCP/IP infrastructure helps to streamline the installation process.

This solution allows surveillance of all facilities and stations using new or existing cameras connected directly to your LAN or using traditional coaxial cabling, enabling unsurpassed flexibility, cost effectiveness and performance.

DVM is the next step in digital video technology because it is a Network Video Recorder (NVR). An NVR is different from a DVR in that it uses software to transform standard IT equipment and component digital video sources into a customized and manageable video system for security or surveillance needs. For example, you can add an unlimited number of camera servers to enable monitoring as many cameras as necessary.

DVM provides the added benefit of an open architecture that allows for M-JPEG, MPEG-2, or MJPEG-4 video to be viewed live, recorded, archived and exported. This architecture is designed to protect your investment today while allowing you to incorporate tomorrow’s technology. DVM can be used to upgrade existing CCTV investments or as a new digital video installation. DVM supports a wide range of digital video sources from stand alone digital encoder to native IP-based fixed and PTZ cameras.

In addition to the evolution to digital video, DVM enables the revolution of video analytics. With the proliferation of video data and the need to better manage it, video analytics will provide relevant data on demand. The technology to perform motion detection outdoors, object tracking, and object tracking with classification is here today and tightly integrated with DVM. Honeywell leads the next generation of Advanced Video Analytics in areas such as Facial Recognition and Human Behavior Analysis.

Honeywell's DVM offers flexible manageability through its scalable, enterprise architecture. The open architecture enables geographically distributed IP Video systems to be managed centrally or remotely. DVM also integrates seamlessly with other enterprise products, such as access control and building management systems. Users such as university campuses, airports, manufacturing facilities, and corporate facilities are using DVM to leverage their existing IT equipment and expertise to manage video security.

Radar Video Surveillance
The Honeywell RVS is a Wide Area Surveillance System that integrates Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Video, and Thermal Sensor data to provide the highest value wide area surveillance system available.  RVS radar sensors automatically detect intruders in user defined Alarm Zones.  Alarms are generated to alert security personnel, and PTZ cameras are directed to the intruder.  Video is recorded and distributed over a Local Area Network, to provide both recorded history and real time situational awareness to facility personnel.

Because RVS automates detection, tracking, and alarming, based on the end user site’s security plan, security personnel can perform tasks other than monitoring the detection system.  When an alarm is received, personnel can identify the threat and make a security decision before it reaches the perimeter – increasing the response time to potential threats.

Mobile Video
The on train mobile environment demands the ability to identify individuals, actions or behaviors regardless of the circumstance, time of day or event. It is critical that images are captured with clarity to enable the identification of the person and/or the event. With the video industry transitioning from analog to digital, Honeywell’s mobile cameras are capable of providing the necessary images for both analog and digital systems. Cameras are compact in design, which allows for easy installation. Honeywell Mobile Video Solutions are designed for full integration into Honeywell’s Video Management Solutions, such as DVM or ProWatch.

Airfield Lighting
Honeywell lighting components are installed at more than 200 airports worldwide.
Honeywell airfield lighting systems provide illumination for runways and taxiways, from individual lighting units to entire control and monitoring systems with single lamp control.

The lighting solution also includes approach lighting, power regulators and addressable lights for surface movement and asset management systems.

Honeywell obstruction lights are designed to accommodate obstructions from television, radio, communications, microwave, transmission line towers and other obstructions to aerial navigation. Products include single and double steady-burning lights, flashing red beacons, strobe lights and airport beacons.

Lighting controls can be managed through Honeywell’s integrated systems.


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