Process Control

Cyber Security
Effective security comprises both physical and cyber protection. Seemingly relentless attacks by hackers, viruses, worms, and spyware have elevated the topic of cyber attack to mission-critical status within most industries. Protection from cyber attacks is more than just a security issue; it has become a fundamental business issue.

Cyber Security is particularly important to industries reliant on process control systems. Companies in the industrial and petrochemical sectors have long understood that there is a difference between protecting facilities and data, and protecting processes that are operated or controlled with information technology. Security measures that are appropriate for data networks could be disastrous if a compromised process threatens to damage productivity, capital assets, and possibly human life.

Expert Process Knowledge Systems
Honeywell Process Control Network Security Services suite evaluates system vulnerability and risk, recommends appropriate changes, develops the best design for specific requirements, and implements that design. 

Technologies originally developed for refineries are being re-deployed to solve the problems of tactical units in dynamic and uncertain situations where it's necessary to coordinate complex, labor intensive and resource-constrained activity on the fly. This includes research on mobile software assistants that automate first responder coordination.

Honeywell understands the security requirements of today's industrial and petrochemical facilities because we own and operate chemical plants.  This is one reason many companies rely on Honeywell to meet their security needs.


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