People & Asset Location

Honeywell can help you enhance your asset utilization, boost productivity, and protect your people and equipment, whether you run a healthcare campus or operate a specialized research facility. Stop wasting time searching for equipment or people: Honeywell Asset Locator™ makes it easy to continuously track and monitor mobile assets throughout your facility.

Precise Information on People and Equipment
Honeywell Asset Locator is a powerful software application that provides real-time information right from your PC workstation. A glance at your monitor tells you the exact location of essential equipment and people in your building, on a floor, or even in a specific room. Honeywell Asset Locator updates the position of your tagged assets every four seconds, giving you an accurate, up-to-the-minute record for use in building and personnel security, scheduled maintenance, utilization trending, budget allocation, vendor management, regulatory compliance and more.

Expand Your Control Capabilities Through Integration
When you integrate Honeywell Asset Locator with your Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator™ (EBI) system, you’ll benefit from reliable, single-point access to asset management, security and facility management, for multiple local and remote workstations.

Key Features of Honeywell Asset Locator:

  • Integrates fully with ELPAS’ local positioning system (tags, badges and readers)
  • Updates tagged assets in motion every four seconds; provides 6-second updates of stationary assets
  • Includes after-hours duress alarm on personnel tags for security alert

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