Perimeter Intrusion Detection

Vindicator® Security Solutions
Honeywell Vindicator provides mission-critical integrated security solutions for government facilities, military bases, commercial and industrial facilities. Vindicator’s innovative solutions combine disparate perimeter intrusion, CCTV, and access control technologies into a single robust system, including fence line sensors, underground sensors, microwave, ground and water-based radar, and “intelligent video” offerings that can distinguish “normal activity” from that which poses a security risk. Capable of being deployed in a redundant and highly encrypted communications network, Vindicator solutions route data from field sensors and access control locations to the command and control center.

This technology has been approved by the U.S. Government for use in applications requiring up to DOD Nuclear Certified Equipment (NCE), DOD/DOE Compliant Access Control, USAF Protection Level (PL1-4) Nuclear and Non-Nuclear, UL 2050, and DCID 6/9 standards. It is used by the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves, Saudi Aramco, and the U.S. Military and many other government, commercial and industrial facilities around the world.

Radar Video Surveillance
The Honeywell RVS is a Wide Area Surveillance System that integrates Radar, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Video, and Thermal Sensor data to provide the highest value wide area surveillance system available.  RVS radar sensors automatically detect intruders in user defined Alarm Zones.  Alarms are generated to alert security personnel, and PTZ cameras are directed to the intruder.  Video is recorded and distributed over a Local Area Network, to provide both recorded history and real time situational awareness to facility personnel.

Because RVS automates detection, tracking, and alarming, based on the end user site’s security plan, security personnel can perform tasks other than monitoring the detection system.  When an alarm is received, personnel can identify the threat and make a security decision before it reaches the perimeter – increasing the response time to potential threats.

Fiber Technologies for Marine Rope and Cordage
Spectra® fiber is light enough to float, making it ideal for rope and cordage marine applications. And because Spectra® fiber is hydrophobic, it will not absorb moisture or deteriorate in water. Today, more and more towing lines are made with Honeywell’s Spectra® fiber, a high-modulus polyethylene fiber that is, pound for pound, 10 times stronger than steel. It is also three times stronger than polyester of equal weight. With a strength-to-size ratio that matches wire rope, Spectra® fiber-based ropes can be retrofitted for riverboat and barge convoys to provide greater safety and easier handling.

Spectra® fiber can be an ideal substitute for wire and steel in mooring lines for tankers, insert and pennant lines for offshore rigs, as well as tow hawsers and ship-assist lines.


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