Command & Control

Integrated Systems
Honeywell offers decades of experience designing and implementing Command and Control Rooms for Critical Infrastructure across different industries. We have the ability to seamlessly integrate information from different information management systems, into a single operator interface.  Information from environmental control, security and building management are brought together in an intelligent format. It aids a command and control center in speedy decision making ensuring swift and effective responses to security breaches through centralized and integrated information.

Control Room operators are proactively alerted to a specific event immediately as it occurs. Knowing the nature and location of the incident in real time provides a massive advantage over traditional surveillance operations, where operators must trawl through hundreds of CCTV images looking for an incident. This readily available information is also valuable for First Responders in the event of an emergency situation.

Sharing data at a global level to integrate islands of information into a holistic command and control situation that enhances security levels improves operations efficiency.  Honeywell solutions help you maintain in command and in control of your operations under normal or emergency situations.


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