Building Management

Integrated Building Management
The Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) offers comprehensive automation for all of your building systems - without starting over. Using open architecture and industry standards, EBI integrates 90 percent of all existing buildings systems, reducing or eliminating the need to replace existing HVAC or lighting control hardware. And Honeywell EBI can be customized to the needs of virtually any facility.

Honeywell EBI is Today’s Most Powerful, Comprehensive and Flexible Building Automation Solution. Expect:

  • Simple, single-workstation management of HVAC, lighting and energy systems, management, security, digital video, life safety and asset tracking applications.
  • More informed decision making with advanced data-mining and integration with enterprise databases.
  • Improved operator control with an easy, web-based user interface that reduces training time.

Energy Management
If you manage a typical healthcare facility, you’re constantly struggling with high energy consumption, driven by unique lighting and environmental requirements and energy-intensive medical equipment. Your energy expenses probably account for more than 25 percent of your total operating costs - costs usually regarded as a fixed expense. Here’s the good news: Honeywell Energy Management Services can help you control and dramatically reduce those costs - often by 30 percent or more.

Honeywell leads the industry in innovative energy management technology, service and solutions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services and systems designed to manage and help optimize your energy use. And we’ll work closely with you, tailoring our solutions to your requirements, whether you need our services in a single clinic, throughout a healthcare campus or at multiple hospital locations.

Honeywell Can Help You:

  • Maintain and repair existing HVAC, lighting, water and power systems, temperature controls, automation systems and medical equipment
  • Install energy-efficient equipment
  • Manage meters, alarms and emissions
  • Track consumption and analyze utility market data
  • Report, analyze and forecast energy demand
  • Analyze utility rate structures and utility bills
  • Assess and recommend energy purchasing options

Comprehensive Services, Innovative Solutions
The innovative energy experts at Honeywell have helped customers around the world realize more than $2 billion in energy savings. We can help you discover how to slash your energy use and redirect those dollars back into patient care, facility improvements, research - or your bottom line. We can even provide a written guarantee of savings through a guaranteed performance contract.

Our certified energy managers can act as your energy advocate, putting their knowledge of complex energy alternatives, negotiating skills and energy analysis tools to work for you. If your existing building systems are in disrepair or inefficient, Honeywell professionals can help you install, upgrade and maintain systems that will make your healthcare environment more comfortable, safe, efficient and productive.

Honeywell also offers powerful software solutions and services that automate equipment, analyze consumption and more. Honeywell Atrium™, an innovative, Web-based energy analysis service can collect and analyze internal meter data, define potential savings and provide actionable recommendations for improvements and savings. Honeywell Energy Manager, our advanced energy information application, integrates with your other building applications to automatically control equipment on-off times and manage energy utilization across your entire enterprise. 

Environmental Controls
Honeywell’s hybrid controller’s with integrated loop/logic control and operator interface, represent the next generation of hybrid control for cost-effectively automating process equipment, either stand-alone or with open Ethernet Modbus/TCP connectivity. Offering a blend of process, logic, and sequence control algorithms combined with data acquisition, a modular design and a graphical configuration tool, these controllers are easily applied in applications across many industries. The easy-to-use Windows-based Hybrid Control Designer software tool graphically configures the controller and optional Type 4X local plant floor Operator Interface, saving configuration time and cost.

Smoke Control
Where there’s smoke, there’s potential disaster. But Honeywell can help you avert disaster and prevent loss with our proven portfolio of smoke management solutions.  Honeywell smoke management solutions provide early detection, warning and control of your facility’s HVAC equipment by opening and closing fans and dampers, as needed, to contain smoke and create safe havens. When integrated with the Honeywell LifeSafety Manager™ application, our advanced smoke management solution can provide automatic alarm notification and remote notification of smoke conditions, aiding a speedy evacuation process.


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