Access Control

Integrated Security Management
Honeywell offers its industry-leading security management platform – Pro-Watch® - for access control and integrated security solutions which puts current information, effective controls, and swift response capabilities at your security staff’s fingertips, helping to improve security across your entire organization. Pro-Watch® integrates with a wide range of Honeywell and third-party card and reader technologies, video surveillance and alarm systems

Visitor Access
The LobbyWorks™ Visitor Management System enhances your investment in access control and perimeter security by providing a simple and effective way to register, badge, track and manage your facility’s visitor traffic. Visitor registration is quick and simple, and can be performed either at a guard station or using an optional self registration kiosk. LobbyWorks’ power and flexibility make it a natural fit for both simple, standalone deployments using the Professional Edition or multi-site deployments using the Standard Edition.

LobbyWorks scans a photo ID, business card or passport ID of arriving visitor, then instantaneously checks whether the visitor is expected, has been in the facility before and makes sure the visitor is not on a watch list. These quick and consistent checks ensure that only the right people are allowed on site. After scanning the information, LobbyWorks takes a digital photo or captures the visitor's signature.

LobbyWorks can automatically contact the visitor’s host by phone, email or with real time network messaging to announce the visit. Once the visitor is registered, an individualized badge is generated. Specific visit restrictions may be set, such as: clearance level, access area or visit expiry time.

At the end of the visit, LobbyWorks signs out the visitor. In case the visitor does not sign out, LobbyWorks can contact the host to check if the visitor has left the site.

This simple yet powerful visitor registration process forms the basis for a very powerful security platform. Registering all visitors through LobbyWorks ensures that you have a centralized and complete record of your visitor traffic, strengthens visitor security and improves productivity and service to your customers.

Biometrics Technologies
Honeywell Access Control Solutions provide fully-integrated support for fingerprint readers and biometric authentication systems using hand geometry, Iris Scan, Fingerprint and others.

Attendance and Time Recording
Honeywell’s Temaline® is a comprehensive and expandable system that provides integrated access control, time and attendance recording, and intruder detection for customers. Temaline Integrated Solutions match users’ IT standards and allow real-time event management and direct peer-to-peer communication.

Temaline redefines the concepts of access control subsystems for the future by bringing enhanced performance and reliability to your installations. The complete modularity of the system frees the peripheral and field devices from reliance on the central supervisory system for all access control functionality and relieves the supervisory system of card transaction processing.

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