Public Events

Public events require capable and reliable security concepts because of the large streams of visitors. Investors and organizers look for smart and economically viable solutions that are part of the overall solution. Honeywell delivers solutions that address the need for these unique requirements. These solutions include:

  • Spectators access control to the event’s venue
  • Access control management of employees, vendors and suppliers
  • Construction and development of new event facilities
  • Building management and Environmental controls for new constructed facilities
  • Video surveillance of approaches, parking facilities, entrance and indoor areas
  • Fire alarm detection and alarm management systems for offices and  public areas
  • Smoke control and fire extinguishing systems for operating facilities
  • Intrusion detection systems for buildings and property

Public Events are unique and can vary in complexity of that of a single stadium to the entire Olympic Events.  We realize that each event is unique and as a result has its own unique requirements. At Honeywell, we’ll work with you to deliver the solution that best meets your needs.