Metro Rail Solutions

Metro Rail operators are tasked to efficiently transport millions of people every day while providing Comfort, Safety and Security. At the same time metro operators face challenges such as managing aging infrastructure, planning for new lines and improvements and enhancing efficiency of operations.

Protecting passengers and improving efficiencies
The recent terrorist attacks on metro systems around the world have shown the importance of providing new levels of security to the people that use public transportation. In addition to the terrorism threat, metro systems are facing challenges around vandalism, pick pocketing and other criminal activities that can create passenger discomfort and add cost.

To effectively elevate not just the perceived but the real security of a rail transport network, investing in new security products by itself is not the solution. Only when all systems are integrated into a single user interface and operators are armed with the right information to initiate emergency response actions can a higher level of security be achieved.  Honeywell has a long, successful history integrating Building Management systems into state of the art Control Centers across various industries and applications.

Honeywell solutions provide the ability to achieve this level throughout a rail system’s operations, by tying together subsystems and controllers for all applicable Safety, Security and HVAC systems while also leveraging existing infrastructure and legacy systems.

Honeywell understands the complexities and challenges of metro rail systems and is a trusted partner to many operators around the world. With local technical resources and capabilities in almost every major city, we offer the accountability and service responsiveness that is able to meet response time targets and assure uptime of systems.

To enable operators and government entities to invest into technology even under budgetary constraints, Honeywell offers a complete portfolio of financing options, from classical financing schemes to Operational Leases and Energy Performance Contracting.