Maritime Solutions

Seaports are a cornerstone of the global economy, transporting goods swiftly and efficiently. Unfortunately, this places seaports high on the list of potential targets. So how can you balance the need for heightened security with the need for fast throughput? That’s why many seaports around the world have trusted Honeywell. By combining experience with intelligence, Honeywell can help. A trusted name in security and process management for more than half a century, we are setting the standard for seaports all over the world: tighter integration that allows you to work with law enforcement and neighboring facilities. View our success stories.

Honeywell’s depth of experience in defense contracting and military-base security gives you the edge that comes with more intelligent systems. And because we are a large global company, you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from working with someone you know will be around tomorrow.

Honeywell brings it all together.
Our integrated security, access control, and digital video and monitoring systems minimize the need for separate installations, reduce interface complications, and manage total cost-of-ownership. Equally important, Honeywell seaport solutions are built on an open platform. So they’re easy to implement and simpler to integrate with the systems you already have in place. You’ll enjoy lower operating costs, lower install costs and increased safety, security, and efficiency from the trusted name in seaport security.