Industrial Solutions

Ensuring safety requires reducing the risk of incidents, faults, and failures that can disrupt normal operations. Protecting your people, assets, and profitability demands a holistic safety view.  Honeywell offers an integrated, layered approach to plant safety that helps customers improve their business performance and peace of mind. This integrated approach is Honeywell’s defense in depth strategy that offers solutions to protect your plant from the process control network to the perimeter. That’s why many of the major industrial companies around the world have trusted Honeywell. View our success stories.

Effective decision support relies on knowledge of the domain that describes the structure of the problem and the elements of its solution. Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) Labs has built reference models for many domains. These include abnormal situation management (ASM) for oil refineries, situation assessment and response for computer network security, decision support for first responders, and operational support for independent living.

Flexible Upgrade Path
Technologies advance. Operations evolve. Standards and regulations change. The operational requirements of an industrial facility are equally dynamic. As a result, it is critical to pursue solutions incorporating upgrade paths that are flexible, consistent and easily implemented. Disparate systems can work together. The real challenge is to maintain those operations over time and as scenarios change. Proprietary systems can become onerous and unwieldy.

A consistent and flexible Honeywell solution has the ability to remain dynamic for the future, but also allows integration of existing sub-systems.