Government Solutions

How do you prevent incidents and respond to threats while maintaining a free and open environment for working or learning? Honeywell solutions collect data from multiple points within a single facility, or across an enterprise, and integrate the data to improve productivity, efficiency, safety and security.

Our solutions keep a watchful eye at dozens of points along our nation's borders with the latest in video surveillance and sensor technology.

Our video solutions include low-light cameras with long-distance optics, remote control and digital video recording and transmission. By integrating with acoustic, seismic, infrared imaging, video imaging and radar sensors, Honeywell helps provide systems for optimal threat detection and tracking.

Honeywell Video Solutions integrated with U.S. government surveillance operations along the country's northern and southern borders employ cutting-edge closed circuit television (CCTV) systems. Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS) border patrol personnel remotely operate multi-camera installations, from strategic towers, that monitor areas three-to-five miles in size. High-speed cameras, along with the capability to remotely pan and zoom field cameras from a desktop joystick controller, enable the INS to monitor a larger area with fewer installed cameras. High-capacity switching systems that manage feeds from hundreds of field cameras enable INS staff at central control locations to operate selected cameras, direct images to appropriate monitors and record video footage. When operators observe circumstances requiring direct attention, field authorities are dispatched to that area.

Honeywell also produces, installs and maintains safety and security systems protecting hundreds of federal, state and local governments, including public housing authorities and military installations within the United State Army and Air Force bases.