Today’s airports face unprecedented challenges - challenges that demand a major shift in how they oversee and conduct their daily activities. New technologies alone aren’t the answer. You’re making costly investments, yet you’re missing hidden opportunities to capture efficiencies, create a more flexible infrastructure, enhance safety and make an impact to the bottom line.  Honeywell combines research and and design-build expertise with decades of experience protecting and managing major airports resulting in state-of-the-art solutions for your facility. That’s why hundreds of airports around the world have trusted Honeywell. Here is a sample of case studies.



Comprehensive Control Through Integration
You are losing time and money if you’re not moving toward integrated systems. Honeywell solutions can serve as the backbone of your enterprise, tying together subsystems and controllers for HVAC, security and access control, digital video and smoke and fire monitoring. They can also provides access to enterprise systems, the Internet and intranet sources. Honeywell can help link all or some of your systems together now, or create the flexibility to do so later on. The benefits include operational and staff efficiencies, expanded control capabilities and enhanced threat management. For example:

  • Gate area lighting, temperature and ventilation levels adjust automatically in conjunction with flight schedules for maximum energy savings.
  • An access control system automatically denies access to a recently terminated employee, based on data from a Human Resources application.
  • An airport perimeter breach alerts both security staff and ATC, so aircraft and ground crews in the threat area can immediately be alerted.
  • An intrusion alarm activates digital video recording during (and before) the event.
  • The operator immediately can see live video and the floor schematic, and swiftly provide commands to other building and access control systems for an effective response.
  • A fire emergency activates fans and dampers to control the spread of smoke, triggers an emergency message over the public address system and unlocks security doors for safe evacuation.
  • Airflow to a terminal area immediately shuts down as a precaution when an unauthorized person attempts to access that area’s environmental systems.

Honeywell will help take your security operations to a powerful new level, whether that means establishing a dedicated command center at your facility now, or helping prioritize and implement gradual improvements as part of a long-term plan.