Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Create webs of active intelligence. Imagine everything working together and responding intuitively. Honeywell creates smart solutions by linking the intelligence from multiple systems. Overcoming technology boundaries creates a more robust, more flexible, and more responsive solution. Honeywell has a robust portfolio of solutions specially designed for your unique critical environment.
Today's airports face unprecedented challenges - challenges that demand a major shift in how they oversee and conduct their daily activities.
Seaports are a cornerstone of the global economy, transporting goods swiftly and efficiently.
Metro Rail operators are tasked to efficiently transport millions of people every day while providing Comfort, Safety and Security.
Integrating building controls, processes and security can dramatically improve security while reducing costs.
Keeping a watchful eye along our nation's borders with the latest in surveillance and sensor technology.
Public events require capable and reliable security concepts because of the large streams of visitors.

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